At birth, each of us receives a microbial identity.  A child swallows and gets a vast number of the mother's microbes on it's skin during birth, inheriting the fundament for it's future immune system. Yet the microbiome doesn't only determine physical health, but also influences human psyche, being an important factor for social interactions.
What if the microbiome would be seen as an essential part of our identities, not only as part of our DNA but of our character?
Being human means living in a symbiosis with trillions of other organisms. How would we start engaging with this ecosystem of bacteria, when becoming more conscious about its importance? What if microbial identities would get collected and stored, so they could be shared and interchanged among other humans for the curation of their microbial identity?
This invisible and microscopic world draws interesting parallels with our society, when thinking about the colonization of microbes and the cultural appropriation of other bacterial cultures on the different territories of our bodies.
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